Healing Inspiration Connection

Our deepest intention is to support the awakening of humanity.


Our deepest intention is to spark and support the awakening of humanity. At Pachanoi, we offer a powerful and transformative journey for those looking to live more consciously, with more connection and authenticity. Our experienced team has carefully crafted a holistic program that combines the healing power of Plant Medicine, the energetic potential of Yoga, mindfulness meditation, and deep immersion in Peru's ancestral land.

Nestled in the heart of the Inca's sacred land, we have created a nourishing environment full of magic and connection - allowing for deep healing, growth, and transformation! Our retreats are designed so you can come away feeling healed and rejuvenated, with life wisdom that takes you back home empowered and inspired!

We are a caring and highly experienced team, with years of experience as practitioners, guides, and teachers. Our work is rooted in strong ethical values, love for all creation, and a sincere desire to be at service in the healing and awakening of all beings.


  • Impeccable ethics
  • Deep love for the plants and Pachamama
  • Each team member has extensive experience in their area
  • Sincere intentions to help every guest
  • Commitment to the spiritual path and awakening
  • Knowledge of different modalities of healing and wellness
  • Connection to the Land and Culture
  • Extensive experience facilitating plant medicine retreats
  • Trauma-informed practices
  • We work to support the benefit of all beings everywhere!