Preparation for the Journey

Embarking on a plant medicine journey is an amazing opportunity for healing, to gain insight into oneself and to come into harmony with the world around us. To ensure you make the most of your experience, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. We have some helpful guidelines to help you prepare for this transformative journey!




Get clear with intentions: Intentions give you clarity and depth to your experience and give you strength and perseverance during tougher times. Your intentions don’t need to be detailed and complicated, but it is important that they come from your heart.  Ask yourself, what is my heart’s deepest yearning?

Practice mindfulness meditation: A mindfulness practice will help you develop curiosity, kindness, and compassion for yourself and others. By being caring, nonjudgmental, and taking the time to observe ourselves from afar we gain insight into how our thoughts and emotions influence us – instead of letting them control us.

Prepare for discomfort: Working with plant medicine is deeply rewarding and can be challenging at times.  Leading up to your experience, whenever you feel discomfort, rather than reacting to it, allow space for it, and lean into it. The invitation is to accept and allow any feelings of discomfort and use them as a chance for growth. Trust that this journey will take you where you need to be and we will support you in the process.

De-stress your mind: Practice bringing calm in the face of stress, tension, or worry. Avoid intense drama, toxic relationships, and violence in the media, film, literature, music, or arts; this all causes intensity and chaos in the mind, bringing more stress and unnecessary distraction into the experience.


Start a meditative practice: Deepen your spiritual journey by starting a meditative practice – it’ll help you to tap into the wisdom of your body and emotions while silencing mind chatter so that you may exist in harmony with what lies beyond. Prepare yourself for an enlightening voyage!

Connect to inner guidance: Tune into your inner guidance system (intuition, instinct, higher knowing, gut feeling, wisdom). Stay in tune with your inner voice and follow its guidance. Listen to what it has to say – whether through thought, feeling, writing or just quieting the mind.

Open the spiritual dialogue: take time to connect to the spirit world, you can pray to the ancestors, angels, or the spirits of nature.

Clarify your spiritual purpose: Think beyond your pursuits and goals, and contemplate your higher purpose and spiritual development. Wachuma presents a profound opportunity to awaken and grow spiritually, and having a sense of higher purpose activates strength, courage, determination, and perseverance in every area of one’s life. Acknowledging things like family lineage, the collective good, what the afterlife may be, and what the source of life may be, brings depth and new insights to this kind of journey. It is not important to have a spiritual path or to have any answers, but rather to be open to these questions from a place of curiosity.

If you need additional support, our team will gladly guide you!